Many of these abbreviations are found when browsing record collections in second-hand stores or online when researching a record.

2LP: Double LP
2P: Second Pressing
3LP/4LP: Triple/Quadruple LP
45 or 45s: 45 RPM Record Usually reserved for 7 Inch Singles
78 or 78s: 78 RPM Record
AC: Acetate
alt: Alternative
B/W: Backed With
B&W: Black and White
bk: back
bl: Blistering vinyl has bubbled
bo: Book, booklet
BOC: Bend on Cover
B/S: Box Set
BSS: Bottom Seam split
BTC: Bent corner
Cat No or cat: Catalog Number
CC: Cut Corner a form of Cut-out
cnr: Corner
Co: Company Usually refers to sleeve
CO: Cut-out type of cut out not specified
CODH: Cut-out Drill hole
COH: Cut out Hole “Jukeboxed” 7″
comp: Compilation
COPH: Cut-out Punch Hole
COH: Cut-out Hole
C/P: Cup out Punch (a form of Cut-out)
cust: Custom
Cvr: Cover
CW: Cover Wear/Worn
d/pack: Double Pack
dbl: Double
DC: Discoloration on label or sleeve
Del: Deleted
Demo: Demonstration Copy
DHL: Drill hole Through Label a form of Cut-out
DJ: Disc Jockey Usually in reference to a Promo Copy
edn: Edition
EP: Extended Play
EW: Edge Warp
EX: Excellent, Refers to the condition of the record
F: Fair, Refers to the condition of the record
flexi: Flexidisc
FOC: Fold-out Cover
FOS: Fold-out Sleeve
G: Good, Refers to the condition of the record
g/f, g/fold, GF: Gatefold
HCRW: Heavy Cover Ring Wear
Imp: Import
inst: Instrumental
ind: Indie
intl: International
LE: Limited Edition
Ltd: Limited Edition
LP: Long Playing Record
LPR: Later Pressing
M: Mint Refers to the condition of the record
NM: Near Mint, Refers to the condition of the record
NCR: No Cover
No, #: Number
No’d: Numbered
NOC: No Original Center mainly Old UK 45s with Push out middles
Obi: Original Band Intact refers to the paper band on Japanese LPs
Orig, ORG: Original pressing
OSP: One-Sided Pressing
P: Poor, Refers to the condition of the record
p/c, PC: Picture Cover
p/s, PS: Picture Sleeve
PD: Picture Disc
PO: Poster
poly: Polythene
POS: Poster Sleeve
prog: Progressive
Promo, PR: Promotional Copy
Quad: Quadraphonic
RE, RI: Re-Issue
RE-R: Re-Release
Rmx: Remix
RPM: Revolutions Per Minute
RW, R/W: Ring Wear
SC: Saw Cut a form of Cut-out
SCR: Scratch
SCU: Scuff the surface of the record is scuffed
S/face, Sface: Surface
Sing, S: Single
Slv: sleeve
Sl, Slt: Slight
Sm: Small
SS: Seam split
S/S: Still Sealed
st: Stereo
stkr: sticker
stkrd, stkred, STK: stickered
SW: Shrink Wrapped
t/p, TP: Test Pressing
Tpl, Trpl: Triple
UNP: Un-played, Refers to the condition of the record
vers: Version
vol: Volume
VG: Very Good, Refers to the condition of the record
WD: Water Damage
w/: With
w/l WL: White Label
Warp, WRP: Warped
WOC: Writing on Cover
WOL: Writing on Label
WOS: Writing on Sleeve
WP, WPD: Warp, Warped